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  1. There is probably a simple explanation for this, but not simple enough for a noob like me to figure out on my own, so here goes.

    I'm currently trying to make it so my laptop is connected to my TV as output for one channel (HDMI 2) while also connected on another channel (HDMI 1) with the Elgato Game Capture and my TV (for the purposes of recording, this device must be connected to the console, the TV, and the computer). Both my TV and laptop are far away from me as I play/record, and I was wanting to make it so I wouldn't have to get up and walk over to it to click record on the Elgato software every time since it doesn't come with a remote. And yeah, I wanted to be able to move my computer screen to the TV so I could see everything better in the process.

    Can this be done? Right now, I have a pretty complex system:

    I have my X360, PS2, and DVD player going to one of those boxes with four switches that let you change "channels" by manually flipping a switch on the box (Can't remember what they're called). I have component cables (white, red, and yellow are component cables, right?) going from the box to the Elgato, which is connected to the computer and the TV. That all works fine! But then, I got greedy and connected my laptop to the TV with an HDMI cable, which also works fine. The problem is I can't just change channels on my TV, turn everything on same as always, and start recording anymore. What did I do wrong, except fly a little too close to the sun?
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    If I understand you correctly (and this is a confusing post) you have two hdmi cables going to your tv. A tv can only display from one hdmi at a time and it seems that you now have it set as hdmi2 (the laptop). Use the input select button on your tv remote to change the selection back to hdmi1(the switch box).

    But as i said, if I read you correctly, it is either the laptop or the Elgato + switcher irrespective that the laptop is also receiving from the Elgato. You can not have both.
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