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  1. Hi

    I'm having problems restreaming from one rtmp to another.

    ffmpeg -i "rtmp://IP/live/ pageUrl= swfurl= live=1" -isync -vcodec copy -b:v 400k -acodec copy -b:a 128000 -ar 32000 -f flv "rtmp://IP/streamname"

    This is the command I have.

    Two things:

    1. ffmpeg has stopped working windows says and i have to close and reopen it.

    2. when it does work, after a random amount of time it will crash and say in the cmd window (I'm running inside a bat) an error in yellow text. something to do with DTS i cant remember the error but when it does it again ill post a screenshot. there is another error but this DTS one is the most common. I think its refering to the audio not sure.

    Please advise.


    Thank you
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    Can you play the stream okey?
    Have you tried google the sanity failed error?
    Try also search or post in

    You could also try stream with something like vlc.
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  3. Hi

    The stream plays okay but when the error starts it stops the stream from playing and i gotta restart.

    I've tried googleing but there is nothing I understand.

    I've already posted in zeranoe forum for ffmpeg but there are no responses and the admin doesn't answer pm's or accept instant messenger invites.

    I cannot use VLC that's not an option.

    I'm really stuck.
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