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  1. Can Avidemux be used to cut the interesting parts of a video (MP4 or MKV) and then join those parts automatically ?
    For AVI, and sometimes MKV, I use the Solveig AVI Trimmer + MKV, and the new version works quite nicely for that.
    For MP4, previously I used to convert to avi using Any Video Converter free, then cut the resulting AVI file with Solveig.
    Since I saw and used AviDemux after reading about it here, I am using it to cut MKV and MP4s.

    Only problem is if I want to cut 3 clips from a video, then I get 3 separate clips.
    Is there an option so that these 3 clips are joined at the end (like in Solveig) and I get i final file with all the 3 clips ?
    Can Freemake do that ?

    or I could select all the non-important parts of the video in AviDemux and cut them out, then save the video.
    This is a bit less intuitive, but maybe i can try that if no other option is there.

    thanks guys !!
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    In avidemux select the parts you don't want to keep, press delete and last save.
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  3. i think that might be the way to go, since Freemake also does not put all the clips together in one go like Solveig.
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  4. Started using AVIDemux today and struggled with deleting multiple clips. Here is the solution I found :
    I played back the video in fast speed in VLC to identify clips which need to be deleted.
    Noted the clip start time and end time for all the clips to be deleted.
    selected one clip by jumping straight to the start time [ and then then end time ]. Please note the playback in the AVIDemux needs to be paused for jumping to specific time (for e.g. 00:333:20)
    For the selected clip Delete from the edit menu.
    Select another clip as above and then Delete from the edit menu. This will need to be repeated for all individual clips.
    Save the file using appropriate muxer ( file format). For lossless join make sure Video and Audio are in copy mode.

    Please note deleting first clip will shift (left/ earlier) the remaining video by that much time. So for the next clip deduct the time of the deleted clip. OR
    Start deleting clip from the end or left. i.e. if clips are identified to be deleted are (33:00 34:00) and (45:00 46:00) than in that case delete first the (45:00 46:00) clip. This way recalculation will need not be done.

    AVIDemux is still the best for the functions it can do.
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