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  1. Dear forum,
    I am newby and I need to convert and merge multile vidoes to a single video.
    At the moment I am doing so with Freemake, do you have any suggestion for better software which ideally:
    - Accept multiple input format but at least .mpg/.3gp
    - Multile input file
    - Output to common compressed formats (single file), compatible with set to boxes (is XVID the best for compatibility?)
    - Allow a little of configuration, like resolution and stuff like that, I dont need (and dont want) huge configurability
    - Easy to use

    A plus would be:
    - Some fading effect between videos
    - Accept as input Everio .mod files (but I can always rename them to .mpg as I do now so it is not a problem)
    - Fast

    Any suggestion?

    Many thanks!
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  2. There's a few "one click" type programs (I call them "one click" as they're designed to be fairly easy to use) which let you join multiple files and output them as a single encode. Try AnyVideoConverter (I think you have to open a bunch of files, highlight them in the program window and right click to merge them) or Video To Video Converter.
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  3. If paid converters are OK for you, check out this list of video converters
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