This may not seem like a guide to others, but it can be known as useful tips...

So to those who have just started out using the 30 day trial of DoStudio from SCS, I have found a few problems and solutions I would like to share.

1. When starting to put together a blu-ray, always configure the loading screen first (That is a must)
Problem: If the loading screen is done last, the blu-ray not respond and will halt the playback to a stop.

2. Never use the quick compile function.
Problem: This will also cause playback problems based on Problem 1.

3. To make sure that you can expand your menu creativity for just basic IG's without having a buffer limit, all objects that use the same button must use the same .PNG file as well, this really does save alot of Buffer MB's for extra content, so when using a PSD file for a menu, check the naming on the layers in Photoshop and rename according to the button that has the same 3-state objects.
Problem: Buffer rate may turn out too high and cause compile errors.

4. All .PNG graphics that are created by Mosaic are 32-bit (haven't they heard of expanding functions on that!), What I do is: I use an awesome PNG utility called PNGoo 0.1.1 and convert them to 256 colors dithered (8-bit graphics), while DoStudio is closed of course (all assets will change when the software is launched and you open the projects you are working with).
Problem: If left at 32-bit, size will be huge and cause buffer overflows .

5. So we all know that annoying trial message you get at the start of the blu-ray when you play it, best way to get rid of that: BDMV/STREAMS will have an m2ts file called 00000.m2ts, that is your trial message asset, best way to get rid of it, use a software like Sony Vegas, create a blank video between the Max. Length time of 10 seconds, render in Sony AVC code with the AVCHD template, remember to check your settings for extra better help, locate the original file and do an overwrite and render, and play back your blu-ray again, and problem solved.
Problem: Stupid trial message that actually puts you off.

To make it easier, 1 - 5 is the solutions, where it says "Problems:" that's the problems I discovered on my own and with extra help.

Hope you guys that are trying this have a great success in your projects, and Good luck!
Peace, Love and Better Blu-ray creating.