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    I have static IP and I want to see my camera's Online I don't know how to use my global static IP those are provided by ISP to configure my DVR.
    Please let me know what settings I have need to do without DDNS.
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    Welcome vijay587

    Need more info regarding network.

    Generally the basic setup is

    1: Check modem or combo (modem / router) for internal network settings, example
    2: Locate dvr network settings, if need be change its ip to one number higher than that found at 1: ie
    3: Check dvr for network port settings, write it down
    4: Locate dvr user access panel and change external network user password, write it down, reboot unit.
    5: Head back to modem (combo) and add a static dhcp client (your dvr's ip)
    6: While here head to modem (combo) firewall and add tcp/udp rule and the port found from dvr.

    Note: Some modem (combo) unit use two types of firewalls, nat and spi, if your model has this feature you must again add that port rule to spi or else the unit cannot be accessed form outside the internal network.

    6: Save modem (combo) settings to a computer and reboot modem.

    Now try accessing the dvr from anywhere else except from within the internal network to make sure you can access the dvr.


    If you need more help on the settings on the modem please specify brand and model, and version / revision.
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