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  1. I have a project on vegas platinum and i would like to render it so mac pcs can read it. My first question is, do you guys know in what format i should render it in order to be read by macs. And after i render it do you know any software that would burn it in a DVD+R ?
    Thanks in advance, T.
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    I have never used Vegas so I have no idea at all what it can produce, but if you can make a normal DVD out of it, that will work fine on a Mac. The free ImgBurn program can burn DVD format discs or data discs to DVD+r media. Macs come bundled with a free DVD player so even the stupidest of users should be able to play a normal DVD format disc.
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  3. The most common cross-platform format these days is arguably mp4: h.264 video with aac audio. Vegas has many presets for this depending on your project settings. Imgburn is the best disc burning program available, and it is free.

    If you want to make a DVD that will play in a standalone player or on a computer, vegas platinum comes with DVD Architect.

    edit: cross-posted with jman. Slightly different approaches, but no disagreement.
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  4. Thank you very much.
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