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    First I have opened a video using megui and have created .avs file. Later i opened .avs file in Vdub and applied some filters in it and save processed file. (.vcf ) . Now I want to use some script from .vcf file into .avs file and want to encode movie using megui.

    Is it possible? if possible, Please guide me..

    I am pasting some script lines from .vcf file.;"brightness/contrast");[0].Config(7,19);"HSV adjust");[1].Config(432,68656,288);"sharpen");[2].Config(24);"smoother");[3].Config(250,1);"warp sharp");[4].Config(309, 2);"interlace");[5].Config(0, 0);"levels");[6].Config(0x0000,0xE626,0x00FFFE8F,0x0000,0xFFFF, 1);;
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  2. You can use LoadVirtualdubPlugin() to use VirtualDub filters in AviSynth. You'll have to transfer the variables manually. And it won't work for internal VirtualDub filters. Those you have to somehow estimate using equivalent AviSynth filters.
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