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  1. I am looking at a Samsung NX1000 for a video-and-still-photo solution. I really like the APS-C sensor (big pixels = less noise). It shoots 1080p video, but nowhere can I find the bitrate for that video. Is it 10mbps? 20? Something else? It only shoots 30p, but that's OK with me.

    The other question I wonder about is: I know the camera has a digital zoom. I also know that the camera does not need all of it's 20 megapixel sensor to capture 1080p video. Does it use the full width of it's sensor and scale down to 1080p, or does it use a 1080p-size area of the sensor?? If it uses all of the sensor, then it stands to reason that the digital zoom would not (at first) impact quality, until it "zooms down" to an area of the sensor smaller than 1920x1080. Is that a fair assumption?

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  2. 1) most likely something around 17mbps
    2) most likely all pixels are used and then image is scaled down to 1920x1080
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  3. Atak,
    The sensor on the NX1000 is 5472 pixels wide. If you are right then to shoot "normal" video the camera uses all 5472 pixels to capture the 1080p image, then scales it to 1920. BUT THEN, when shooting beyond the optical zoom's range (it's only a 2.5 to 1 zoom) and "digital zoom" kicks in, does it start using less and less of that 5472 pixels (still scaling down to 1920)?? If that is the case then there SHOULD be no loss of quality/resolution until it zooms in to an extent that requires the camera to start scaling the image UP to 1920.
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    the picture covers the entire sensor so not all pixels are used, it doesn't use just a smaller part of the sensor. it might use every third pixel across and every other line down.

    the lens that come with that cam sucks. take a look at this sample.
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