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  1. Hi folks,

    I have a Cyclone Micro 3 and I'm finding that when I add new files to an external hard drive, connect the hard drive to the cyclone and try to play the file, it will only play about 10 minutes of the file before freezing then looping to the next file or replaying.

    I have also tried adding the files to a memory stick and a flash drive and playing them that way but I get the same issue.

    When I add the file direct to the cyclone's internal memory, the file plays fine.

    Older files play fine and it seems that once the new file has been on the hard drive for a couple of weeks or newer files are added, they do seem to play eventually but not when I add them in order to watch them. Frustrating!

    Does anyone know why this might be happening?

    Many thanks!
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    Living in the US I have never heard of your player, but I found a review on Amazon UK that suggested how to fix a somewhat similar problem. I can't promise that this will fix your issue but you can try.

    One reviewer said that he was having baffling playback problems from a hard drive, where some files played fine and other refused to play at all so he connected it to a PC and enabled "View hidden files". He found a lot of duplicate files and after he deleted the duplicates he was able to play his files. Let us know if this fixes your problem.
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  3. That seemed to work OK, thanks!

    I don't know how I didn't spot the literally hundreds of multiple files clogging up my external hard drive. I cleared those and new files started to play again.

    Thanks very much!
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