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  1. Hi,
    is it possible to start playback after 2 ... 3 seconds when the monitor has finished switching to the matching refresh rate of the video? So you can adjust the time you need like the option in XBMC.

    If not how can I suggest it to the author(s) of MPC HC?

    Klaus from bavaria
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  2. Or can someone else who created already a ticket make one for this feature? I hope the feature is understandable how I tried to explain it?
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  3. Is that why every time I've tried using MPC-HC to change the TV refresh rate it crashes more often than not in the attempt?? Well it does with this PC and my TV. When I set MPC-HC up for my other half to use with her TV it worked fine (although I can't recall whether it waited or it kept playing while the TV did it's thing).
    I wonder if it's a Windows problem, or maybe video card/driver related, or maybe something to do with the renderer being used, or maybe some mysterious combination of them.....

    You could try installing MadVR as tell MPC-HC to use it. It'll also change refresh rate according to the video's frame rate (you need to physically type in the resolutions/refresh rates it can use in the appropriate area of it's settings) but maybe it'll play a little nicer while doing so than MPC-HC itself does. I've not tried using MadVR for that job so I don't know.
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  4. I hope I understood it right, but MPC HC doesn't crash in my configuration. I tweaked for this setting several months. So now it is working fine and I also know how to set it up with ffdshow and so on when I have to reinstall my system.

    I only want real 23.976 output but this is an Graphic card issue of Nvidia (ATI is also no option for me -> Tearing on at least one display).

    My T27A950 as also my 46ES7090 need like all other displays 2 or 3 seconds till you can see a picture when it sets refresh rate to the right one. I only want a delay till MPC HC starts so no second is missing when I am watching a videofile e.g. Musicvideo
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  5. Sorry, I can't help with the delay problem when changing refresh rates, however.....

    Originally Posted by flashandpan007 View Post
    I only want real 23.976 output but this is an Graphic card issue of Nvidia (ATI is also no option for me -> Tearing on at least one display).
    The way I understand it, MPC doesn't do anything to change the frame rate, it only changes the refresh rate based on the frame rate. If the video is 25fps (for example) it'll stay 25fps.

    Have you tried doing it the other way around? Reclock will change the frame rate based on the refresh rate in order to match the two as best it can, and hopefully eliminate tearing problems and/or dropped frames etc as a result. I live in PAL land so I actually use Reclock to speed 23.976 or 24fps video up to 25fps and leave the refresh rate permanently at 50Hz (it can't "correct" 29.970 frame rates that way but I rarely watch much of that). You could try using 60Hz all the time while letting Reclock do it's thing, or using Reclock in combination with MPC-HC also changing the refresh rate where applicable.

    I should point out with Reclock there's often a momentary audio dropout when you open a video for the first time and Reclock is doing it's thing. At least there is when using it on a couple of PCs here. If it happens though it's usually pretty quick... a fraction of a second.... and nothing which bothers me. Preferable to tearing anyway....

    I haven't has lots of experience with a variety of hardware but I've definitely banged my head against the desk trying to fix tearing problems. Reclock might be the solution, or at worst it won't make much difference. If not you could try another renderer such as EVR or WMR9 if you're not using one of those. Depending on the renderer used, Reclock also has options to manually adjust the vsync. Or for MPC-HC, under the View/Renderer Settings menu, try enabling or disabling vsync to see if that makes any difference. If I remember correctly by default it's enabled for XP, disabled for Vista and for Windows 7...... I can't remember.

    One other thought..... the video card is probably using pixel shaders to do the resizing and I've found sometimes that can cause tearing for reasons I don't understand..... I had a tearing problem I couldn't seem to fix until I eventually realised the lower the resolution of the video, the more tearing there'd be when running full screen. So I changed resizers (from Bicubic to Bilinear in my case) and the tearing problem went away.
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