Hi Everyone,

I've been using a pretty nifty HTPC setup for a while lately, hooked into my Yamaha HTR-6130 using a coax cable however will only give me 2ch Pro-Logic.

The HTPC that I bought (using an MSI-7411 Media Live DIVA with 7ch Pre-Amp card) has analogue surround outputs, so I figured I would give those a burl.

Bought some good RCA cables, hooked them into the Multi-CH input on my Yamaha, and hey presto -- absolutely nothing.

I am convinced it's a driver issue, because the Realtek software that drives the audio chipset can detect that I'm not using SPDIF anymore, but doesn't seem to notice that I have a mass of cables plugged into the pre-amp card.

Anyone have any ideas on what I could have done wrong here? Am about ready to start pulling hair out...>