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  1. Hi guys, my first post so bare with me

    I searched the forum but i couldnt find any info on what i need to know.

    I have Potplayer installed and its AMAZING ! Id love to be able to add my custom logo during playing, but i cant find how or where to set that.
    I know that i can use ffdshow bitmap overlay but it doesnt work with PNG files, which is what i really need.
    Is there any way that i can use a PNG logo during playback, or if theres any software i can use to load that PNG on Potplayer screen.

    Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

    Here's an example of what i need >
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  2. Avisynth script can do it for you.

    1. install avisynth
    2. input the following script in preferences of potplayer -> avisynth setup.
    3. Disable DxVA if you use it or use DxVA with "Use DxVA without rendering mode" enabled.

    a3=ImageSource("e:\a.png",pixel_type="RGB32").Show Alpha(pixel_type="RGB32")
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