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    Hey Guys,

    I hope you can help me!
    I'm trying to digitise my video collection from an Sony Hi8.
    Currently I tried it with a USB-Video Grabber (I don't have a Digital 8 Camcorder since I need a NTSC one and I live in Germany)
    so it's not that easy to get one.

    I tried to capture with VirtualDub but it gives me huge stripes / artefacts.
    Sometimes it's pretty clear for a long time but then almost not visible at all.
    The picture on the viewfinder is crystal-clear.
    I also checked the cables have multiples here so there's not the problem.
    I used composite and svideo.

    I tried to fiddle with the filters in virtual dub but without success.
    These are far worse then deinterlaces or overscans.

    Here is an example of the artefacts.
    I noticed when I decrease the size of the picture while previewing it's even getting worse.
    Maybe you guys have an Idea.

    Thanks in advance.

    :edit Here's the Video

    The Tapes are NTSC and also the Camcorder
    Here's the model number :CCD-TR05 NTSC
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    I don't see your example attached.

    So the tapes are NTSC? My kneejerk reaction is PAL60 issue. What is the model number of the Hi8 camcorder?
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