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  1. I think VCD's are a waste. I don't mind theater/screener VCD's, but the final product retail of the movie, I feel should be in SVCD or DivX only. Distributing VCD's of retail movies is stupid. The qualityis crap. Might as well just make it a DivX which is smaller than a VCD and better quality or a SVCD and get near DVD quality and bigger better subtitles (for foreign flicks). This way, everyone gets the best copy of a movie rather than some crummy VCD and then you gotta search all over the place to find the SVCD or DivX of that same movie when it should be spreaded rather than the VCD. blah

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    Wow, some people must like putting signs on their backsides saying "Just Kick Me". You asked a valid question and got serveral valid answers. But I must reply to your misquote that "everyone has one". I assume you live in the US as I do. But what you fail to realize is that just under 30% of the households here in the US even have a computer. I consider myself above average since my household has two. However for the cost I didn't purchase a DVD player until Christmas 2001. I have three VCRs and a camcorder, and phasing video tapes (VHS) out would upset quite a few people. I have over 400 titles and only 3 DVD's. I still rent VHS since it is 50 cents cheaper. Call me a tightwad if you want but the lowest priced burner is $350. If you would care to mail me one as a gift...
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  3. Laser disc players and discs were available in the UK. I Used to own one, although they never took off over here like they did in the states. Only a fraction of the us titles were available in the uk and they were never mainstream, you had to go to specialist dealer or through mail order.


  4. I agree with condone

    I just wanted to point out that video/audio technology is a fluid technology and for someone to put down experimntation or someone pursuing a serious (or not so serious) hobby such as creating VCD's from rips or completely homeade should consider the alternatives.

    Gameshow, I harbor no ill-will torwards you. You were begining to bash something I enjoy doing and I had to defend my position. This is after all the VCDHelp and in my opinion it is the propper forum to discuss this. I wish this had been around when I was in my teens, man think of the things we have all missed out on by not communicating.

    Thank you for your time and I hope someone has learned something from this chat.

    God bless

  5. Many good points, I will inject a few more.
    1. there is no such thing as a uniform quality standard on DVD's, much less on VCD or SVCD, although as most DVD are commercially produced, the majority are pretty good. Homemade disks vary widely in quality reflecting different source quality and encoding methods. The terms denote a CAPABILITY rather than an actual quality standard.
    2. Resolution is not the be-all and end-all of visual quality, as it totally fails to address motion-capture accuracy, to name just one issue. I have made SVCDs that look better than some DVDs I have purchased.
    3. There are HUGE diferrences in types of viewing equipment and personal pickiness. That which looks good on a 15" or 17" PC monitor may (or may not) look like crap on a 42" widescreen. 5.1 surround sound is meaningless to me as I only have 2.1 speaker setup.
    4. This is a fun and entertaining HOBBY. Lighten Up!

  6. Summary:

    Go through the thread for all the other reasons.

    As for quality issues, please actually LOOK at a few well made VCDs before making a judgement. VCDs look on average as good as VHS.

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