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  1. Does anyone come across these settings?[U]

    [Attachment 18265 - Click to enlarge]

    Can anyone explain these settings in detains?
    I mean in different bright vivid and dark video shoots?
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  2. Only the brave will click on a weird attachment. Especially if it has no meaningful name and no real explanation as to what's in that attachment.
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  3. Trust is a very thin thread that I do not dare to break.
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    It's an image file. I do not know how VideoHelp processes image attachments.
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  4. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    It's a forum bug. That is impossible to fix.
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  5. aBigMeanie aedipuss's Avatar
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    settings in what program? for what? an unlabled picture doesn't help much.
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