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  1. Hi everybody,

    I've bought recently the Roxio VHS to DVD 3 Plus in the intention to port a whole lot of my old VHS to MP4. Less exepnsive that rebuy all of it in DVD (specially that some are not on DVD or difficult to find).

    It's seems to be working but the colors become greenish or pinky (depending of the shot sometimes it's bairely noticable) in the top of the image. I've google a lot and didn't really find a solution. I've read somwhere that's caused by bad headers or 2-head vcr but my good old Zenith VR2100 is in good shape, the video from it look okay on my TV.

    Could it be caused by some colorstriping Macrovision (I've never really have Macrovision problem with this VCR) or problem with stabilisation of the picture or simply my VCR nead a cleaning (even if the picture is nice on my TV) or something else ?

    Here's some exemples from one of my VHS I've tested with.

    And a video without this problem using the same material (the quality is not great but it was originally the case, some silly french commercial for Manga Video)

    What I want to ask you please is how do I get read of this problem. I don't intend to just cut te problematic part of the picture and trying to correct it with color correction on my PC take forever for a result not really great.
    Is there a way to fix that via analogue hardware ? What could resolve the problem : a Digital Video Stabilizer or a Time Base Corrector, Proc Amps, colour corrector, repair my old VCR, buying a new one, ... ?

    Any suggestion could be of great help (but keep in mind i'm not rich so i'll not buy top of the line professionnel equipment).
    Thank you


    Since then, I finally correct the problem. No TBC or anything could have done it.
    I'm reporting it for peoples that have the same problem.
    It's quite simple, the problem is with Roxio Easy VHS to DVD.
    Certainly Macrovision, I've read on the net than sometimes VCR react to old recording like Macrovision and I presume that the Digital Video Stabilizer that I tried is deffective or inefficient.
    I'm know using the Hoestech VHS to DVD 7.0 Deluxe.
    The program that comes with it is bad but VirtaulDub work fine with it.
    Some synchro problems but not to much adjusting properly VirtualDub.
    Just to set the capture timing setting to Do not resynch between audio and video streams, not use the Correct video timing for fewer frame drops/inserts and use Automaticly disabled resync when integrated audio/video capture is detecded
    Begin to desync a little after one hour or so but nut that much (using other settings the video become quickly more unsynch with the audio).
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  2. Since it's only a handful of scanlines I would just mask it. Ie, cover it with black. It's the least of your worries.
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  3. I believe it's a tracking problem that appears this way because of the "color under" method of chroma storage on VHS. But I just made that up. I say try it on another VCR.

    Here is one VHS tape played 3 times: Sony VCR capture 1, Sony VCR capture 2, Magnavox VCR capture.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	sony1.jpg
Views:	326
Size:	102.2 KB
ID:	18205Click image for larger version

Name:	sony2.jpg
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Size:	112.9 KB
ID:	18206Click image for larger version

Name:	magnavox.jpg
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Size:	102.0 KB
ID:	18204

    Retail EP tapes are a pain.
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  4. If the discoloration isn't consistent you can try multiple caps and a median of 3 or median of 5 to get rid of it.
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  5. The discoloration is not totally consistabnt since it's fluctuate during the recording and sometine is not even present but the colors of the pictures seems to have an impact, it seem to be relativly always at the same place same intensity same moment of the video, so multiple caps will not help.
    I certainly don't intent to cover with black.
    Wich VCR coul be good to not creat these color artefacts on the top ?
    A Digital Video Stabilizer, Time Base Corrector, Proc Amps or colour corrector won't help ?
    Thanks for answering.
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  6. Originally Posted by Nori Labrutit View Post
    The discoloration... seem to be relativly always at the same place same intensity same moment of the video, so multiple caps will not help.
    You are correct, a median filter won't help in that case.

    Originally Posted by Nori Labrutit View Post
    Wich VCR coul be good to not creat these color artefacts on the top ?
    A Digital Video Stabilizer, Time Base Corrector, Proc Amps or colour corrector won't help ?
    Any or all may or may not help.
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  7. I've bought a new *ahah* VCR and I have the exact same problem O_o I don't understand it. The color fluctuation is not exactly the same but present (and the tracking is not working as well as my old VCR, even if it have a manual tracking).
    Ah well...
    I've baught a digital video stabilizer before the VCR in case (it's cheap and easy to find). It don't seems to do anything but maybe the 9V battery coming with it is dead (it's apparently frequent on this device), I'll go buy a screwdriver to open it and see, and change the pile if it seem appropriate in the hope it will work.
    At least it will maybe not be a total lost of money since my new VCR is stereo with S-video.
    It's the Mitsubishi HS-U748

    Edit : It's very far from pefect but it seems to do it a bit less with the stabilizer, and rewind a bit seems maybe to help, so maybe I can do it with maybe a better stabilizer or a time base corrector... I'll do more test.
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  8. Since then I've baught a TBC on ebay, a Hotronic AP-41. And guess what ? I've been kind of catch...
    Not that mutch, it's working (I presume) but it's PAL (not advertised as such even if from USA).
    Do a NTSC->PAL adapter between the VCR and TBC risk to degrade the quality ? If not, should I get a cheap chinese thigny like this or a less cheaper model like the Lenkeng LKV1000 or the Atlona CDM-660 ?
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