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  1. I recently got a samsung LCD smart tv (series 6) for work. One of the reasons for the purchase was so that we could record meetings and so after a little research I found out you have to buy a separate tv webcam with integrated microphones (ordinary webcams won't work). I have now ordered the webcam and am waiting for delivery. My question is how will I be able to record the video and audio from the camera and save it on to my pc/network?

    If the camera was on the pc there would be various ways to do this but how do I do it from the tv? Is there a Samsung tv app which would allow me to record the video -this would be the simplest,cleanest and not to say cheapest option?

    Alternatively is there a way of doing this on the Samsung Skype app (for example on the pc you can download apps or plugins which allow you to record a Skype call). I don't want to recordl an actual Skype call (although this would also be useful) I just want to record what the webcam sees and hears (I.e the meeting room in our office)

    I have also seen the Hauppage HD pvr, could this work and if so how? To be clear I just want to record the audio and video going into the webcam.

    Thanks for your help in advance
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    Those types of webcams DO NOT record!

    You are purchasing stuff that may look interesting to you but have no capability in the area you specifically needing and were charged with getting.
    Not well thought out and way too frivolous with the budget.

    You want to record the A+V of your meetings? - Get a camcorder! (probably with a tripod and external mic) and only that.
    Or if you really don't know what IS necessary for your needs, hire an AV conultant to figure it out for you and tell you what you need to buy (or even buy it for you).

    Good luck. Whew!

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  3. The tv cam was purchased primarily for use with the Skype app on the tv (and this is one of the only two cameras compatible) - so not as frivolous a purchase as you think, but thanks for being patronising (and for the record I know it doesn't record itself and never said it did - I was looking for some software/alternative way of doing it). However, before getting anything else I wanted to see if there was any way of recording - surely an app which records the output of the camera isn't asking too much is it?

    Would the other option I mentioned i.e hauppage hd dvr be a possible way of recording the output?
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    If it was computer based you could have used a screen recorder to record the on screen audio and video.

    Other settop options would have included using something like a xbox 360 with kinect or the older camera it had or a sony ps3 and its eye camera. Than you can record the whole session by recording the video outputs from the settop units - you can use the component cables that are available for both the 360 and ps3.

    But if you wanted to capture EVERYONE in the whole room and the tv at the same time you probably should do what cornucopia has suggested and do a separate camcorder and tripod with mic to do it properly.

    Also I agree with cornucopia that doing a professional appraisal of what you need would be a better way to do this. That way you get the latest knowledge and probably installation included. If you have the budget for it that is.

    Edit - also I don't know if any of the newer smart tvs have any VIDEO OUTPUTS. They should have fiber optic outputs so you can send an over-the-air digital audio signal to your surround sound amp. But I don't know many if any do at all that come with video outputs. Its not to say they don't but that would be the only way to do it.

    If this camera you did get doesn't have an output to tap into why would you think you can record from it easily? That should have been a consideration before purchasing it.
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