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  1. I tried already with "HDS Link Detector", gave me the same link. Although ISMdownloader didn't work, I almost succeed with ffmpeg. I only got an error message:
    [http @ 0000000002b6c720] HTTP error 403 Forbidden Server returned 403 Forbidden (access denied)
    I can't find a solution for that problem, though...
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  2. Hi ,

    Here below a tutorial .
    Read it , try to understand the process . After go !!!

    Tutorial for "ismdownloader"
    !!! Before all your tries , ALWAYS suppress completely the History in Firefox !!!
    1) Create a directory "X:\ISMdl"
    2) If the future video to be catched is named "Video.mkv" ,
    ..Create a sub-directory "X:\ISMdl\Video" (upper "V" !!!)
    2) Run firefox
    _a) Tools => Web Developper => Web Console , in the case "Filter" write "manifest" .
    _b) In the address bar , enter the link for the web page , to see the video .
    _c) After the video has began , put it in pause
    _d) Try to see in the Web Console , a link with "manifest" ??? HERE IT'S THE MAJOR DIFFICULTY ???
    _e) Copy "http://... .ism/manifest?__auth__=...f4880"
    3) Open Notepad : Paste and Save in "X:\ISMdl\save.txt" , for security !!! .
    4) Quit Firefox and re-run it
    _a) In the address bar , enter "http://... .ism/manifest?__auth__=...f4880" (without double-quotes) , <enter> .
    _b) You will save a file "manifest"
    5) Find this file ( in your PC) , and copy it in "X:\ISMdl\Video"
    6) create a new batch file
    @echo on
    ismdownloaderAVC1 "http://... .ism/manifest" "X:\ISMdl\Video.mkv"
    !!! DON'T FORGET 'pause' !!!
    7) Save it "Try_Video.bat" in the same directory of "ismdownloaderAVC1.exe" ( or ismdownloader.exe ) .
    8) Launch "Try_Video.bat" => DL the file "Video.mkv" .
    ..While this process 2 sub-directories are created :
    9) The file final "Video.mkv" is staying in "X:\ISMdl" <= It's done !!!
    10) Copy it somewhere else , for example in "X:\temp" 
    11) Destroy completely "X:\ISMdl"
    === Beginning of the process ===
    ismdownloaderAVC1 "" "X:\ISMdl\Video.mkv"
    ismdownloader v2.0.0.01beta
    DVB Crew ?- TFI mod
    Duration: 00:09:56.5419998
    Stream 1:
    WVC1 1280x720 (1280x720) @ 2750 kbps [selected]
    WVC1 1056x592 (1056x592) @ 2040 kbps
    WVC1 848x480 (848x480) @ 1520 kbps
    WVC1 704x400 (704x400) @ 1130 kbps
    WVC1 576x320 (576x320) @ 845 kbps
    WVC1 448x256 (448x256) @ 630 kbps
    WVC1 368x208 (368x208) @ 470 kbps
    WVC1 320x176 (320x176) @ 350 kbps
    Stream 2:
    WMAP 2 channels 44100 Hz @ 64 kbps [selected]
    Recording duration:
    The download is very SLOW !!!
    Recording duration:
    Downloading finished!
    Muxing selected tracks to MKV
    Mux completed in 00:00:14.9531250
    Cheers .
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  3. ...
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  4. Thank you, unable to download. Thank you very much
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    Heyas there,

    I need a little help for "Download" of these "manifest.ism"

    -<div id="videoplayer-slider" class="owl-carousel">
    -<div class="videoplayer-slide" data-index="0" data-video="{"sport":"Tennis","competition":"ATP","event":"Nottingham","eventlink":"","title":"ATP World Tour 2015 - Aegon Open in Nottingham (ENG)","description":"3. Turniertag: Achtelfinale / Übertragung aus dem Nottingham Tennis Centre","startdate":"Ausgestrahlt am: Mit 24 Jun 17:57","expirationdate":"Verfügbar bis: Mit 01 Jul 15:57","languages":[{"name":"Deutsch","code":"DE","id":"1","trigram":"deu"}],"currentLang":"audio_deu","streamLanguageId":"1","url":"","id":"8755515","duration":"5052","part":"","type":"RelatedContent"}">
    <img src=""/>
    <div class="black-opacity-layer lighter"/>
    -<div class="slide-text-info">
    <div class="slide-video-duration">01:24:12</div>
    <div class="slide-title">ATP World Tour 2015 - Aegon Open in Nottingham (ENG)</div>

    I need only a one example, thats all - thx for help --

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  6. can you help me find code to download this video
    thank you
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    How can I download a video with ism that has drm protection???
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