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  1. hey all,

    i need someone to help me to do something and i am willing to pay for this .

    im having on my site videos - FLV format, and everything works well with them, though i would like to transfer all files to MP4 format.

    the problem is that when using MP4 format the skipping for not downloaded content is not working - this is what i would you to solve .

    im using JWplayer5 and the videos on my site served with php i think(yes im not pro with this) and they are secured, though you may see here a free video with MP4 file and reproduce the problem :

    this is me trying to solve the problem by myself on the support forum :

    please contact me(by a pm) with naming a price for that kind of job .

    thanks .
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    Use something like instead
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  3. thanks, i will try this either.
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