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  1. Hello!

    Having moved from kmplayer to potplayer i'm still missing some of it's old options.
    I've seen bookmarks being advertised and mentioned for potplayer but i can't find or add them anywhere in the menus. How does it work?
    Also i have some skins with detachable playlist. Is there a hotkey to do this for other skins or is it skin based?
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  2. Currently it only works during playback and the playlist seems to be a skin based feature.

    ps. There should be one bookmark at least to enable bookmark menu. It is in playback menu. Once you created a bookmark, the menu will be activated.
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    Haven't used potplayer lately ... I don't use windows much anymore and it was a distant 3rd for me behind smplayer and vlc ... but you don't need any added skins for bookmarks. Though they're not exactly detachable, if you enable the playlist display you can bring them up by moving the pointer to the right.

    Bookmark is under right-click -> playback as I remember.

    Actually, except for the fact that potplayer doesn't install or need extra codecs, the bookmark feature is the only reason I'd recommend it. I've never seen another player that makes them easier.

    Though with smplayer you can set it to automatically remember the playback time position when you stop or shut it down, which means I don't need bookmarks all that much. And it's way better in general.
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  4. Aa thank you.
    You have to be playing the file for the bookmark menu to open. P to add bookmark, h to open the menu. Strangely it doesn't show up in the hotkeys unless you are playing the file already.
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