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  1. Which kind of technical knowledge are necessary to know how to create a program by yourself that can decrypt dvd's and blu-ray discs?

    Its so hard to do it? So deep or specifical knowledge are needed?

    For example, if I buy one dvd for myself and I want to study all its protection's mechanism, how to start? To see how that protection works and how to defeat them?

    I mean, how AnyDVD or DVDFab 's team staff "study" all the dvd's and blu-rays released on the market, analyse and discover all the ways to decrypt them?

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  2. Likely after you get a few answers here, you would need to move to doom9 for more info.
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  3. Hello, dear all!

    Thanks for the tip, Steve(MS).

    See below the thread that I have started at Doom9 forum.

    Best regards.

    devil (johner)
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