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  1. Dear

    Can anybody create Step-by-Step Video to download / merge F4F video from below URL & Upload the video

    URL :

    Or any video from

    I already gone thru this website thread for F4F conversion thread.....but didnt help me.....

    It would be great help if somebody create video tutorial Once
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    It's bad enough that newbies want free step by step instruction rather than do the frakking research themselves.

    You want someone here to make you a VIDEO?
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  3. Yes dear.....

    I need video.....bcoz i tried multiple times.......but not get it......

    you guys are really experts.....thats why requesting for expert advise..........its like few minutes for work for you............. but i tried this for days.....

    Hope u can making tutorial for same
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  4. Member Cornucopia's Avatar
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    It's NOT like a few minutes of work for us either. And I can't even DL anything from that site, because it looks to see if your are a "registered" subscriber and won't show any video if you aren't. (I'm not). I would guess most others here would also fall into that category.

    What does the website say? Do they even ALLOW downloading of their material?

    Good luck - you'll need it.

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    if you can't download it you'll need to use a screen recording program to capture the video.
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