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  1. Hi everyone i am knew to this and i need help to know how to download videos from sites that are restricted to download. There is this mini series movie that i watch on line but i like to be able to download it and watch it on a big screen tv using my apple tv. Even though i download from other sites this one will not allow me. I have a new version of Mac.
    thank you
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    There is normally one very good reason why downloads are protected - copyright.

    They simply do not want you to record even if it just for your own purpose.

    There are topics in the forum which discuss various software methods but most, if not all, are for Windows systems.

    If you are viewing this series by paying a subscription then it may be argued that you are 'renting' and discussion of saving is then against forum rules.
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  3. no is not a subscription anyone can watch it on line....i just want to watch it on big screen tv
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