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    os: windows xp sp2, onboard graphics card - see profile
    source: hauppauge hdpvr .ts videos files, cd version 3.1, but not sure of actual drv version.
    symtom: tool(s) crash when single/page-stepping left/right during frame navigation during editing process.
    goal: to go from .ts -to- xvid or h264 video file

    1. my main routine envolves taking mpeg/.ts files and run it through dgavcindex -> avs script -> vdub -> xvid.avi
    2. and my main purpose is to bring the frame rate down to original format, usualy 24p and smaller final filesize
    3. but, in most cases (with .ts files) i process video at certain start/end sections of the .ts file, thats when crashes occur. and it doesnt matter if i am single-stepping or page-stepping frames lf/rt, it will still randomly crash
    4. the .ts video files are anywhere from 5 minutes to 1/2 hour or longer captures sessions from the hdpvr

    tools tried:
    dgavcindex - is what i mainly use, but crashes lots when i pan left/right.
    h264cutter - crashes a lot, same reason.
    smart.cutter - does not crash inside the time line. but when used inside an avisynth script, same crashing problem.
    tsmuxer - to remux to a new (hopefuly, cleaner) .ts file, but same problem w/ avs scripts.
    h264tsto.exe - command line utility, but same crashing problem w/ avs scripts.
    ** - and other tools to remux into a new .ts file, and processed through avs scripts, but same crashing problem.
    ** - i am still trying other tools.

    at this time, i do not know if this problem is related specifically to the hauppauge hdpvr .ts creation, or any .ts file from any source.

    I've been trying many different ways in several tools and i still haven't found one that works w/out problems, or at least very minimal problems.

    based on your experience with .ts files, does anyone have a good parsing process or tool to process .ts files to a final end product ?
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    bump.. i just can't believe that no one is having these problems as i am!

    so no one has this problem with the hauppauge hdpvr .ts files ? correct ? i guess i am the only one, then.

    i've tried other software since this post began, but am still having a lot of trouble with random crashing. i also tried ffms2, but it too randomly crashes:

      LoadPlugin( "C:\PLUGINS\ffms2.dll" )
      FFVideoSource("video.hdpvr.ts", fpsnum = 30000, fpsden = 1001, seekmode=1 )
    i've tried other seekmode values but the end result is the same, it randomly crashes.

    in fact, it seems worse than dgavc. at least in dgavc, (so i learned through trial and error) you sometimes have to give it a PID value of "02" that seems to help stop the random crashing during the initial opening of, or scaning rw/ff, but it still crashes, just slightly less. mind you, i'm not trying to arrive at an exact frame. just close enough that i can setup a trim() in avisynth to encode the section(s) i want. the crashing is disapointing. i spend more time crashing then processing.

    anyway. next, i tried ts cleaners. the last utility app i tried was tsdoctor. and i created a new (cleaned) ts file but it did not help with the random crashes in dgavc nor ffms (ffmpegsource/ffvideosource) in avisynth.

    so, i am beginning to regret purchasing the hauppauge hdpvr, because it seems to create faulty .ts files. this hardware h264 (avc) device has been nothing but one frustration after another. and, i think i will stop recommending this to anyone again. in fact, i may start a campain against it or at least, suggest others away from it. it is so not worth it anymore!
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    i just tried something new. something i never throught or tried before.

    1. i loaded ( tsMuxerR GUI 1.8.4 ) and dragged* a known, troubled .ts that crashes a lot.
    2. i selected the video, but unlesected the AC3 audio
    3. and demuxed to a raw 264 file
    4. ran it through dgavcindex

    and so far, it is not crashing inside dgavc's window. i am able to pan left/right w/out crashing. so far so good. now, to see if it crashes when i import into an avs script -> virtualdub.

    * any tool that is not d/d is crap. we live in 2013 and i see lots of tools lacking this feature.

    edit: nope! it randomely crashes when i open in virtualdub.
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