Forgive my newbie question and this has probably been discussed somewhere along the way but here it goes. I wish to direct a ts stream from my tuner card without recording it. I have an Hauppauge 2250 with Wintv7. What I am doing is the following, and I know I will be told you can't do that but I think you can.
I have written a small app that allows a Roku user to pick a channel to watch, when the choice is made it fires back to server, changes tuner channel (currently on wintv7).
Now, currently I have it set to start recording (thru wintv7) when wintv7 starts, after a set amount of time when the file gets to a size large enough to create a decent buffer, it kicks the file to a converter which saves the recording to mp4 format. The roku will play the mp4 file. What I want to do is take the stream from the card without recording, pass thru a converter and send back to roku. I know there will have to be some recording on mp4 side to allow the roku to see the file but I don't want to have to record the ts file from wintv7 then record an mp4. Is there someway to grab the ts, send directly to converter for mp4 without the initial recording? I am new at this but saw it as a challenge. I know there is a device called simple tv that allows for ota viewing on roku but reviews I have read are not that great and i don't want to put out several hundred bucks for something that will either go away or change soon.
Thanks for any advice.