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  1. Hello and thank you for Reading my first post.

    The title say it all. I know you have MAKE MKV and DVDFab that will do this in one go, i have tried them.

    I wanna make sure i get the best resault possible and i see to options, i hope you can help me With the correct one.

    1. TSMuxer + MKVmerge is one, have also tried it but as it`s not updated any more maybe not the way to og.

    2. Clown_BD, eac3to, tsMuxer Package Link.
    Also Clown BD is not updated anymore but eac3to is and so i would think this methode is maybe the way to go, have also tried
    this one and they all work. But before i start on my Collection i would love to have an input from you all.

    I saw a guide for using eac3to CMD as a standalone program, but that guide may be to much for me, but as long as i use the latest eac3to update and latest updates for the other Tools in 2. Should that not be enough for making Perfect MKV REMUX files from my

    Thank You.
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  2. HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Stream Extractor (an eac3to GUI).
    It's the same as Clown BD... in that it won't work with encrypted discs. You can rip the disc first, but I prefer to run AnyDVD in the background to do the decrypting. That way I can open the disc directly with HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Stream Extractor. It'll also convert the audio to a different format during the ripping/extracting process.
    When it's done, you'll have individual video, audio and subtitle streams etc which you can then mux into a single MKV with MKVMergeGUI.
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    Have you tried makemkv? Does it play better in powerdvd and vlc?

    And please don't create new threads for every bd to mkv problem.
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