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    i got a notice for a codec programming job avid posted. looks like they are not going to embrace .h265 but create their own codec.

    help Avid define the next level in video production by designing and implementing compression technology for high resolution media formats, while maintaining state of the art, high quality video compression for codecs such as H.264, MPEG-2, and DNxHD.
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    h.265 has nothing to do with that, as it's a distribution codec. AVID is only interested in Production/Intermediate codecs, because that's where they do their work. In their minds, choosing a distribution codec only happens at the very end, and at that point, you don't even really need to be in the main MediaComposer system. It could offload to a separate encoder app, like their AMA, or Sorenson Squeeze or like Apple does with Compressor. And once there, it makes the most sense (to us and to them) to utilize distribution codecs that are the most common (such as h.264, MPEG2, etc).
    So, from that little bit, it doesn't sound at all like they're "ignoring" h.265, just thinking of designing a successor to DNxHD (which is probably a good idea, as Cineform is beating their butts).


    <edit>Looks like that's exactly what this was, as now (nov '14), AVID has added DNxHR</edit>
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