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  1. Hi,

    I've been looking through this section as much as possible to find out which DVD RWs are reliable and which aren't. I came to the conclusion that Verbatim is pretty much the best, correct? So I bought one and so far I've burned probably 20 times. So far so good.

    I was thinking about getting a 5-pack or 10-pack of something cheaper on ebay. Since Verbatim is great, I'm just looking for the next best thing after Verbatim.

    I think I once read on here that Verbatim, TDK, and Maxell were the best. But recently, Maxell's and TDK's quality have become bad? For DVD-R's, I've always bought Verbatim, TDK, and Maxell. They've never disappointed but recently my TDK DVD-R spindle had about 10 bad discs. And it has been a while since I've bought Maxell. So I wanted to know: how do they compare to HP DVD RWs? I didn't even know HP made RWs. How would you all rank these three brands when it comes to their RWs?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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    TDK media is part of the Imation group, and is mediocre at best. Imation owns Memorex if that gives you a clue. There is no consistency in what you'll see under those brands.

    Maxell stopped producing their own discs years ago...many years ago. You'll probably only get discs made by Ritek sold under the Maxell brand.

    Haven't even tried to follow what types of discs HP rebrands, so I haven't a clue about them.

    Verbatim has been known to sell reasonably good +RW discs. Why not stick with them? Cheaper initial cost will bite you on the ass, when the poorer quality discs fail prematurely.
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    I'm use Verbatim, TDK, Samsung, Philips.

    Philips is the best DVD media. Cheap, durable and unproblematic media.
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    tweetybird - Your premise is flawed. There is no "next best media after Verbatim" when it comes to RW discs. Seriously, if you don't care to buy the best then buy whatever is cheap because everything in RW discs except Verbatim is all crap. Don't come back here crying when your other branded discs fail after 1 or 2 burns. Because the other brands are lower in quality you can expect more problems/failures and in the end you're likely to spend more money because you have to buy replacement discs than if you just bought Verbatim.

    Hikmet's advice is poor. We all know that Philips is another low quality manufacturer.
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