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  1. Using Vitrual PC, I am wondering what encoding(multiplexing) program works the best. I've heard of TMPGEnc and Nero. My encoding machine will be a G4 400mhz. I am trying not to have to buy a dedicated PC machine just for encoding, but want to know if using VPC is worth it or not. How much RAM should be allocated to VPC, for encoding purposes, and also what should my hard drive image be sized at. Prior to reading that multiplexing could not be done on a Mac(without VPC) I went through many CDR's. At least they're cheap.

    Any comments appreciated.
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  2. again and again, the best method is to use TMpgenc to encode MPG2 (using the SVCD template), then use VCDImagerGUI to convert that MPG2 to .bin/.cue, finally use Fireburner to chunk that .bin/.cue into two XA tracks you can burn with Toast Multitrack XA mode.
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  3. Tried using this method, but in VPC, the VCDimagerGUI kept giving me errors, although I was able to successfully convert the AVI to SVCD using the template.

    Are there any updates, specially for windows 98, that might cause VCDimager to work or not?


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