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  1. Hey guys just installed the software. It's awesome just had a hassle trying to get the other software installed from the sites but got it working. My question is when i go to put my video in and as its decoding I get this error "DirectShowSource: RenderFile, the filter graph manager won't talk to me" C:\Temp\RipBot264temp\job1\getinfo.avs, line 2"

    I've re installed the FFS and all the other programs and it i still giving me this issue. If anyone knows how to fix this would be helpful thanks!
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    By "the software", what are you referring to? Ripbot? AVISynth? GraphEditor? a Codec?

    Back up and explain in detail what you have and what you want done...

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  3. When I put a video into RibBot thay decosing error is what I get.
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    Do a search for that error message text on this forum (also perhaps, I remember seeing it mentioned recently. And if I remember correctly the cause was that the system lacked the required codec for the input video format (or that the required codec was not correctly configured to output in a colourspace compatible with the rest of the filter graph).

    Use GraphEdt File > Render Media File to confirm that it's a codec issue. If no video codec is displayed, your system likely lacks a codec for the input video format, and you'd have to install one (or install ffdshow). If a video codec is displayed but couldn't be connected to a video renderer, there's possibly a colourspace mismatch. In that case try out all available colourspaces in the codec's configuration for the ones that work, then choose from those the one that works (and looks) best.

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