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    I'm trying to make some edits to a DVD with minimal loss of quality.

    I used VOB2MPG to convert the VOB's. I imported the resulting mpeg files into Premiere and tried to use the 'Analyze…' feature of the TotalCode for Adobe Premiere Pro plugin for exporting the file. What this does is have the plugin examine the source file so TotalCode can use smart rendering.

    I get the following error during the analyzing stage and when attempting an export. I’m wondering if you can tell me what it means and if it’s caused by a setting in VOB2MPG since it appears to be happening only with files made by VOB2MPG:

    V156:Invalid video progressive frame(0)/repeatfirst(0) combination, repeatfirst must be 0.

    I also sent the error to TotalCode but I have not heard from them yet.
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    Not that someone else here can't answer your question, but have you tried the adobe forums? That'd be the first place I'd look since it's an adobe plugin.
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