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  1. I've looked everywhere for some answers and the only thing I've found is overly complicated. I'm running a Avermedia C027 Capture card in a 4 year old Dell computer running Windows 7. With some help of people on this site, I've been able to work around the HDCP protection on the HDMI and use the Avermedia Center 3D to record off my STB.

    I thought I'd take the next step and start streaming my gaming. On a recommendation of a friend I started using Open Broadcaster Software, which works fine capturing my desktop, but the problem comes when trying to stream off my capture card. It understands well enough the standard definition video (I hooked an old VCR to it), but when I hook anything throught the HDMI, it flashes the source then goes black. Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong? I know this might be OBS but I've tried it with xsplit too and it does the same thing. Can anybody help me? I'm posting it here and in the capturing forum to see if they know either. I'd like to find an easy work around so I don't have a gimped setup.

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