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  1. im trying for all the ways to dowload this strem vids
    but i cant get m3u8 for ffmpeg and CooJah only detected swf files
    please help me
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    Stream Transport can download problem videos. I just tried it for a short video that I couldnt DL otherwise. It's not a screen capture program.
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  3. thank you all, but anyprogram works on this vids may be i have to use a screen capture
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  4. you can't download it using TubeDigger ?
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  5. Originally Posted by vevzo View Post
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  6. Originally Posted by vevzo View Post
    what is smil and akami?
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  7. Use RtmpDumpHelper

    original rtmp link : rtmp:// 5d0aEcba1bI-brSUIT-E-tlD-l7r8&aifp=v01/mp4:flash/uegrg_d1_OC
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