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  1. Hello,

    I want to make a Greek subtitle SUP file (blu ray) to SRT file.

    I open the sup file with Subtitle Edit and it shows me the Greek text good,but when I start to OCR it converts it in a strange-wrong symbol text.
    My options is English language ONLY and I have English and Greek dictionaries to choose but the result is always the same,whatever I choose.

    1) What must I do?

    2) The options:
    • Fix OCR errors
    • Promt for unknown words
    • Try to gues unknown words

    How should be selected?

    I just don't want the original Greek text to be mistransfered or mistranslated...

    Thank you very much !
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  2. You need to install the Tesseract file for greek
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  3. I do the next steps without result:

    - Downloaded (it's called "ell.traineddata")
    - Extracted it
    - Put it in folder: subtile edit/tesseract/tressdata

    I open the Greek sup file,I see the Greek images,start OCR and happens the same thing,strange symbols.

    The language is still only one: English.

    When I see...Language=Greek,only then it means I am okay?
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  4. You should see something like:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	GreekOCR.jpg
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Size:	127.7 KB
ID:	17673

    (SubtitleEdit 3.1 portable)
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  5. Yes,I realised what is the problem but I can't solve it,is there any adjustment in the "Properties" I should change?

    I have installed Subtitle Edit 3.3.4 rev 1785
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    You don't need to adjust any properties... but if you're using the installer version you need to use the "Roaming profile folder" - on my win7 it's "C:\Users\Nikse\AppData\Roaming\Subtitle Edit\Tesseract\tessdata"
    I'll try to make it easier in a future version to download Tesseract languages.

    Also, if you still have problems you can test this portable version:
    (it has Greek tesseract + Greek spell check included)
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  7. The Greek portable version you gave me,works fine.

    I really appreciate your help,thank you trully !!!
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    I would do all that stuff but stil subtitle edit 3.3.15 it would me asked to enter manually a lot of greek letters so is there any more automatic way?
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    It would be better to open a new thread and ask specifically for what you need for your greek subtitles so people don't need to read all the other posts to see what you want.
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  10. Another similar question.

    I have extracted from Alien Blu ray the English "sup" file and I want to convert it in "srt" form (again English) in order to translate it myself in Greek but when I use the subtitle edit it gives me some strange translation with symbols,in many cases you can't understand what the sentences mean.Especially when there is number "7" it tells me "1",or 77 it gives me 11,as if can't tell the difference.
    What can I do in order simply to convert it from sup ENG=>srt ENG ?

    eg...part of Alien 1979 subs...

    01:09:12,148 --> 01:09:15,527
    - / mean, it's like a man. lfs b/g/
    - Kane's son.

    01:09:17,946 --> 01:09:20,407
    Come 0n, Ash. Science depa/Tmenz'
    should be able to help us.

    01:09:20,490 --> 01:09:22,867
    What can we do to drive it?

    01:09:22,951 --> 01:09:25,245
    Yes, well, it's adapted remarkably
    well to our atmosphere,
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    You need to correct the wrong letters/symbols as they come up.
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