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    hi any one help me i want convert my record videos from sunhd dth setup box
    .ts file i have try no of converter but not work

    please help me i check media info also no information

    sample video link

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  2. Sun Sytems use encryption. Blame the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

    You can only play the files you record on your own box, not even your neighbors box will play them.
    The best you can do is back up files to your computer and hope your box doesn't break.
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    If this is similar to a satellite box, then you have hope. Go over to the left side of the page and click on Capture...then go to HDMI Strippers. You can also utilize component video instead of HDMI. You will need to use capture hardware (Hauppage HDPVR2 is excellent) and figure out a way to get the video to the capture device. I'm being a bit evasive here, but you should get the idea. This is a proven solution. These guys who lock their files to a particular box...with no way of transferring to a new box...should have their butts sued off. I see the need to protect the files from being disseminated to other folks, but there is no reason in the world they can't transfer the encryption key to the new box so you can save all your recordings to YOUR box. Don't get me started...
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