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  1. I'm trying to join 2 mp4's and the result should be the combined time of both files which should be 4:30 (ms), but Yamb's join is giving me 6:46. The video plays fine but when it reaches 4:30 the scrub bar which still shows about 1/3 left to play, jumps to the end of the scrub bar. I wouldn't mind this for my own work, but it is for a client and I cannot give them a file that has an incorrect timecode. Anyone know what I can do to fix this?

    I encoded two PICVideo AVIs out of premier of my 3D animation because they had to be less than 2GB, then used handbrake to make the m4v's, then yamb to rewrite the m4v to mp4. This works for everything but joining...have tried other joiner freeware's with no luck.
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  2. Why do they have to be less than 2GB ?

    You should join them as AVI's before encoding (e.g. vdub)
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    Also a piece of advice - you might not need to join them at all. Its been my experience a lot of video players will automatically play the following video file in sequence. So simply name your two files sequentially and you should be able to nearly seamlessly play them together.

    However if seamless playback is needed then you should try something else like winff or avidemux and use the copy modes.

    Also handbrake can output .mp4 files. Choose mp4 as the container in the output section. I would make sure you call the file filename.mp4 just to be 100% sure you get a mp4 file from handbrake.
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  4. Video to Video Converter has a video joiner in its 'Tool' section. That might work.
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