What I'm looking for is an automated way to identify is a file uses pc or tv scale.

I know I can look of the histogram of a file using:
ffplay -i "h:\TestClips&Co\test - clip.m2ts" -vf histogram -an -sn
histogram AVOptions:
  mode              <int>        ..FV.. set histogram mode (from 0 to 3)
     levels                       ..FV.. standard histogram
     waveform                     ..FV.. per row/column luminance graph
     color                        ..FV.. chroma values in vectorscope
     color2                       ..FV.. chroma values in vectorscope
  level_height      <int>        ..FV.. set level height (from 50 to 2048)
  scale_height      <int>        ..FV.. set scale height (from 0 to 40)
  step              <int>        ..FV.. set waveform step value (from 1 to 255)
  waveform_mode     <int>        ..FV.. set waveform mode (from 0 to 1)
     row                          ..FV..
     column                       ..FV..
  display_mode      <int>        ..FV.. set display mode (from 0 to 1)
     parade                       ..FV..
     overlay                      ..FV..
problem is to automate this I would need the histogram output in the console.

-> does anyone know a way to:
a. get the output on the console
b. an alternative method to get the histogram infos of a file as console output

Cu Selur