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  1. In a refreshing change (where it seems incompatibility is common), it seems that Blue tooth earpieces work with all phones that have Blue tooth capability. Case in point: while taking a walk, I found 2 blister packages originally containing cheap prepaid Verizon/Samsung phones. The package said, "With free Blue tooth earpiece". Sure enough, in each package was a Blue tooth earpiece, charger and instructions. The phone was removed from the package ( probably low level drug dealers just wanted a quick phone and nothing else.) I could see that it was a Samsung product. I tested the Blue tooth headset on 2 different phones, and it worked perfectly.
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    Depends on what you do with it. There are various BT protocols/profiles - HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, etc. If your are referring to HFP (hands-free profile), that is pretty much basic to any earphone now. Not surprising.
    And now that the great majority of devices are using v2.0 or 2.1 or better, pairing and operation are very consistent. As they say, "it just works".

    Had you wanted a stereo headset capability as well, using A2DP, etc, you would find that your choices were more limited (though still fairly common).

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