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  1. Hello, dear all.

    I have had some problems with some subtitles that I have here.

    When I open it using Subtitle Workshop the program "doesn't process it right", altering all the letters for strange symbols or characters.

    See above two examples, in srt format:

    1) Open Using Subtitle Worshop:

    "Deixe a oposição ter
    as avaliações altas".

    2) Open Using Subtitle Edit:

    "Deixe a oposio ter
    as avaliaes altas".

    In the second case, the program open is correctly, using UTF-8 coding.

    But, what intrigues me what can I do to solve such problem when editing the subtitles using Subtitle Worshop and other similar programs too? If I do not correct the subtitle first, when I use it with ConvertXtoDVD, for example, the subtitle appear in dvd format all wrong too, with strange/wrong characters and letters.

    In my language, brazilian portuguese, we use Diacritic Marks, jus like the examples below:



    How can I configure Subtitle Worshop ( and similar subtitling programs ) to open, save and edit similar subtitles in a correct way?

    Any tip for solving such issues?

    Thanks for helping.

    Best regards.

    devil (johner)
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    I have talked about this before.

    Most subtitle programs do NOT work correctly with Unicode files unless the Unicode subtitles file is in English.

    There are 2 solutions.
    1) Under Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Administrative (may be different in XP but this is where it is under Win 7) where it says "Language for non-Unicode programs" you must change this to Portuguese (Brazil) and it may fix the problem. You may have to reboot.
    2) Copy and paste the subtitles and save them using a code page that understands Brazilian punctuation like ISO-8859-1 - NOT in any Unicode format. If you are lucky you will be able to open them in Subtitle Workshop and they will work.
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  3. Hello!

    Thanks for your help! I could understand and solve the problems here.

    To see properly in Subtitle Workshop ( without errors or strange letters and symbols) I did as you recommend in second tip. I create an empty txt file, open the problematic srt , copy the content on it and paste it in txt file. Save the txt using wordpad ou notepad, for example. And after that, I open this txt file with Subtitle Workshop. After that, I save this txt opened file into a NEW srt file. Done. Here, in my case, I could create a new file without errors, according to my accents and diacritic marks language ( brazilian portuguese). In this situation, I can work using Subtitle Workshop without errors in letters.

    After that, if I wanna use ConvertXtoDVD and this new worked and edited subttile, I need use another step to work nice. I open this new edited subtitle using Subtitle Edit. And save this srt AGAIN, but using 1252: Western Europe ( Windows) for encoding the subtitle. Or export it into sub/idx format. Bingo. This way ConvertXtoDVD can process my subtitle without any issues or errors. maybe get work for other softwares too, I do not know.

    Well, again, thanks for your insight and help here!

    Best regards.

    devil (johner)
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