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    Hi all!

    My issue is following; When I burn brand new bluray (bd25) disc with nero, it burns ok, verify is ok, even that "securdisc" verify is ok that nero uses, BUT when I remove the disc from the drive and inspect the burned side with my eyes I see "unburned areas". Usually theyre some dots where some dust or some crap has been but couple times there were small pieces of hair marks too.

    So my question is, how do I know if the disc is ok and not example video have "glitch" or some other "blackout" during the stream on the area where _burner did burn the piece of hair instead the actual area of the disc_?? Like I said, nero verifies it 100% ok, but somehow I have doubts because of those "areas" that does not have same color as the majority of the burned side.

    This may sound totally stupid, but this has been bugging me a while and I consider it issue because it happens in every 2nd disc I write even I try to wipe the crap off etc. It feels like backuping important data to harddrive with lots of bad sectors.

    Much appreciated if someone can help!

    Edit. I tested burned disc with those marks on dvdinfopro and it also verified it 100% ok and showed no crc etc errors.
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    Most people here would recommend that you burn with imgburn instead.

    There is a possibility your drive might be having problems. But I would test a few things first.

    1 - try another batch of blank discs. You might have just some funky blanks there.

    2 - try another burning program. Nero is not highly regarded here. Imgburn is and its freeware and does support bluray burning.
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