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  1. if you wanna use dvd2avi in conjunction w/'re going to have to create a .d2v project file...not a .avi file from dvd2avi....tempgenc accepts the .d2v project file and .wav file that dvd2avi creates....also, remember not to delete or even move your vobs after you created your .d2v project file. as you can see, the filesize of the .d2v project file is very small, so it can't contain your actual video, but rather it points to the EXACT location of the your vobs are still the video source for tempgenc to encode don't delete for move 'em
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  2. I don't think you guys unterstand what i want. I just NEED to know how to get TMPGenc to Open my AVI movie while running in the Windows 2000 OS without getting that error. It opens fine on my other PC running win98 but its slower. So i need to get it to work on this one.
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    I'm using w2k and I had the same problem after reinstalling windows. My problem was that I forgot to install DviX.

    So if the AVI's are DivX then that could be your problem, otherwise I don't know.
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