I'm curious about this myself. I went out and bought a 3TB external hard drive awhile back and was going to do this with a few free tools. But I'm getting kind of OCD about it. I'm worried that I won't retain enough quality, but that I will consume all of my hard drive space quickly. I thought about going uncompressed for awhile, but not sure if that would be feasible.

Is anyone else here doing uncompressed backups? Or limiting to BD25 size? I thought about BD9 sized MKV/H264/AC3 5.1 for awhile as this seems to be pretty acceptable quality, but I feel like it doesn't give some of my better discs the quality they deserve. But then there are some discs that would probably compress very well on CRF 18 in Handbrake.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Should I wait until HEVC becomes more mainstream and do it then?