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  1. Hi

    I am trying to convert a 1080p BluRay mkv file with xilisoft video Converter ultimate..
    But when I add the file it quickly shows the 'adding file blablabla' popup (as it normally does when I add a file to convert) and it then doesn't add the file.. it shows for a few seconds with 0% progress then closes... it's like it doesn't recognize the file or something..
    I've tested the file of course.. and everything seems to play just fine..

    I've converted many mkv files before, but this just doesn't work.. I can't seem to find any log file anywhere.. and activating the log windows doesn't give me anything.. at all..

    Any ideas?
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    I would try another converter just for that file, like video to video converter, freemake video converter, handbrake, xmedia recode, etc. All free.
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  3. It might be having multiple languages in the mkv that is the problem. I tend to delete sub-titles and all the languages except English as I find that these simplified files are easier to convert. I had this problem previously with makemkv output and Xilisoft, losing the languages and subtitles solved it.
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