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  1. Hi guys
    After some time I captured VHS tape recorded in 1984. The tape is played on Panasonic FS200 trough Panasonic DMR es15 into Aver Media Tv capture card. During the capture in proc amp I lowered the high levels/contrast The tape (even the original scene was with blown highs because of the poor lighting and cameraman zooming to much into guests heads and faces).i captured in Vdub Lagarith 720x576. Then i used :
    AVISource("G:\video file.avi")

    Then I opened the file in Vdub used Neat video, camcorder color denoise, ColorMill and still get green yellow casting.

    Can someone suggest better approach

    AVISource("G:\svadba beti 1.avi")

    this looks better the blue was too high and I lowered the u and v channel the color switches from scene to scene I will have to do it scene by scene
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