Hi All,

I can individually hardburn SRT files into MP4 files just fine with Avidemux (using 2.5.6 since 2.6 doesn't have SRT capability yet), but I'd like to automate the process for the 20 vids and corresponding SRT files. Can anyone point me to a good example script to do so? I've saved a template project off that I can feed into "--run", but where I'm getting stuck is finding a way to feed the SRT file name into the .js script, or how to do it on the command line with "--filters" if that'll be easier. Snippet of the shell script loop:

for VIDEO in "${EPISODES[@]}"
	/usr/bin/avidemux2_cli --force-alt-h264 --load "$VIDEO" --run SubAdd.js --save /home/Videos/${VIDEO}.mp4 --quit
Problematic portion of the js script:

//** Filters **

Any ideas? I've read the documentation for scripting, searched posts, etc. but haven't seen a good example yet. The few I've seen usually revolved around people throwing their hands up and switching to another app, or their on a Windows box, etc.