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  1. Hello all,

    Always a viewer, first time post.

    I'm looking for a solution, be it hardware or software based, to capture 1 SD or HD cam for 3 - 10min at a time and have that file ready for quick playback on the same local machine.
    No live streaming; just capture and playback for the operator at the machine. In simple terms, it's an "instant replay" of an isolated shot to review motorsports racing and check for scoring issues.

    I work with the Adobe suite daily, however don't know if that's a logical solution for this which is why I'm open to ideas. Ideally the software would run on a laptop, capture via firewire or additional small hardware, and playback on laptop monitor and secondary monitor.

    I should know the answer to this, but feel I'm going down the wrong and too expensive path to come up with a reasonable solution. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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  2. Did you ever get an answer for your problem?
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  3. Not specifically for this environment. However, ended up seeking a new solution more recently and purchased the Elgato Game Capture HD device:

    It's the only thing I could find after an extensive search that is not starting at a high 4-digit price tag that offers "flashback," "time shift," whatever you want to call it, it's basically a TiVO without a set top box. It gives a 60-min constant recording buffer and the ability to start / stop recording anytime in that range. Don't need to be recording to "flashback" to previous footage even WHILE it continues to capture. Very powerful little tool and software for a ridiculous bargain price.

    It's ideal for video game capture, but we're going to use it for local football webcasts as our replay system via this somewhat crazy routing: Blackmagic 4k Switcher --> HDMI Out to Elgato > USB into PC running included Elgato software and Wirecast with Desktop Presenter --> Wirecast Virtual Camera out via HDMI --> Back IN as new source to Blackmagic.

    The only drawback I've had is the scrub bar / playhead size for the buffer cannot be changed making it difficult to pin point an exact spot within a 60-min range. A software developer at my office is considering trying to hack open the capture software and change the buffering size....though I have my doubts.

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  4. If I can make a suggestion. I have dealt with this for quite sometime in my own environment. In the past for a situation like yours I have used Adobe suite to the fulest. What version do you have? Up through cs5 I used Adobe On Location for live capture of the event after that version i believe they named it prelude. I don't know your equipment or anything so it's hard to say if it will work for you. We connected the camera via firewire to Adobe onlocation. It will record for hours on end as long as there is drive space. We had it capture to an external drive, so when there was a break would would swap drives and bring it out to the sales table. What's your workflow?

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    if you have a SD miniDV or HD HDV cam that uses firewire a simpler way is to just plug them into the computer, use winDV for SD or HDVSplit for HD and capture it live. as soon as you stop recording the file is ready for playing.
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