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  1. Hi All

    Im converting 720x576 PAL DV files to MP4.

    These videos play in VLC at 4:3, so on screen they are 768x576

    Im using the no scale option when I export to MP4, using H264

    When I play the MP4 files, VLC plays ake the video on screent at 720x576

    I would prfer not to use the 768x576 scale option during export.

    It would seem Streamclip does not support the carry over of the aspect information during export?


    Edit - Sorry I see similiar threads now. Seems to be a common issue. My googlefu failed me.
    I guess the question is, when is Streamclip going to end this madness! lol

    Maybe by 2050, aspect stuff ups will be a thing of the past.
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