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    Hi there, I've got a special request.

    I've purchased at a cheap price a 555HX-S that was dead (hence the price, 40). No luck, failure is on TUSB board (perhaps main processor, PMC020B8, I haven't tested further).

    I too have a 555H (not X, hence not DVB-T) for spares only (failure is a broken PCB of power supply, could be fixed). I swapped boards, and I have now an almost working device (I swapped R119 & R120 to set model to 555HX).

    Despite model is correctly set by resistors on TUSB, model displayed in service mode is 555H (not X) - Main board+drive is the one of 555HX). Stangely, tuner can be set, but channels cannot be changed. Odd thing too is main page of service mode: every submodule, including Tuner, is displayed as 'OK'.

    Issue is that somewhere in service manual is written: 'you cannot change device model, this can be done only once'. (and same manual states that HDDs must mach model, else strange behaviour can occur )

    Hence my question: does someone (a servicer?) who knows very well Pioneer home burners can:

    -tell me where this information is stored (I'm afraid that it is in PMC020B8 - would be strange though since device model is set by resistors on that IC)
    -if ever there is a way to change this information, at least, by changing component where info is stored)
    -if information is stored in a memory (Flash? EEprom?), can a dump of model of 555HX-S be overwritten?
    -if this information can be written with UFU.EXE or something else with appropriate JTAG (a simple RS-232 translator)

    My guess is that since Pioneer services these boards, they obviously CAN reset them. And my guess is that they are programmed with a serial interface and appropriate level translator, in terminal mode. But how, that's the question ...

    Any help much appreciated!

    Many thanks!
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    We've got one or two Pioneer experts here. Hopefully one of them will see this. If not, I think you're going to have go over to the AVSForums site and ask over there.
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