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  1. MP4 format.

    I record videos off my Directv DVR. I run things at 5000kbps with constant bitrate. 60fps. After I complete video, I run video through MediaInfo. Sometimes, the information shows up correctly (which means Ive had a successful capture). Other times, it does not. For example, the MediaInfo will show 386 kbps and 4.321 fps. When it does this, I am unable to edit the file without losing some of the file.

    I have tried every software I can possibly think of. When I use MKVMergeGUI, the 3 hour file (for example) turns into a 42 hour file. When the 42 hour file is opened in VideoRedo, it is corrupt.

    When I use VideoRedo with the 3 hour file, the resulting file is usually less than the Output Duration size. Meaning Ive lost about a minute or two from a broadcast.

    Is there anything I can do to fix these MP4 files, or a better recording software that will not result in so many failures.

    Please, I will pay someone via Paypal if you help me fix this. Ive had this problem for 3 months, and Im so totally at my wit's end, Im ready to throw in the towel and quit.
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  2. i guess i should note that im using the Hauppauge Hd Pvr 2
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